Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Family Life in Turkmenistan

  • While I stayed in Ashgabat, I lived with the ______ Family. They treated me like I was their own, giving me daily chores and helping the family economally. I worked side by side with the oldest son, ____, as a ____.
  • I learned that the average house size of a family in Turkmenistan is quite large! The oldest son would live with his family until the age of 40. The household would include the mother, father, and their sons with their wives and children.
  • Women must eat separately from men, and keep their heads covered. 
  • A women must also bare a child within the first year of marriage, or she will get divorced.
  • A father will receive a bride price for his daughter in cash, sheep or camels. He must also pay the groom for caring of their son. This is called "milk rights"

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